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How to reach your 2019 Quarter 3 goals

Hello Distinguish'd Minds family! As we approach Mid August, also known in business as Mid-quarter three, It is time that we all re-assess the goals we made when the ball dropped bringing in 2019. I know for us here at headquarters, we have had a very successful drop, as well as some interesting ups and downs (mostly ups, cha ching. lol). I wanted to share some of these amazing things with you, and hopefully some of the tips inside can help many of you get back on track with your goals and make the rest of 2019 your biiiiiiii......eeest friend. =)


Approaching 2019 our small team made a full leap and plan on perfecting our collections and roll outs; we even went as far as to push a release back to allow it be exactly what we wanted. Our goal was to put out something that inspired us after a couple of years of studying the turn of the market and where we wanted to place ourselves in it. We delivered Hats, Hoodies, and A stapled Jacket. We had a successful sales release, but wanted to focus not only on that. We wanted to focus on our brand awareness. We have noticed over years that our brand does just fine in sales, but our campaign reach isn't always strong which prevents us from growing and building relationships with new Distinguish'd Minds around the world.

What could we do to change this?

We learned that it was a consistency issue. which it tends to be with most. For many they have issues being consistent, because sometimes you just don't feel like it, or life gets in the way. You know, the same excuses we all use to skip on the gym; well those are same excuses we use to skip out on the work that gives many of us the life we want.

However, for us it was a quality issues (in our head that is). We didn't want to water ourselves down by forcing content out that wasn't up to par with a Distinguish'd taste level. WELL NOW WHAT?

We had to get back to studying, and this ultimately made us rethink our content strategy, what we offer, and how often we offered it, and how to get it all done. We needed to be bigger, stronger, faster, which means we were going to have to work out, again a gym reference. For example did you know that Kobe still in retirement wakes up at 4am, works out from 7-9, then again from 11-2. When he was with the lakers, he would go to practice, and try to push a final work out in after that as well. You catch my drift? We must stay away from the lazy bug, and stay inspired.

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When I was coming up, I did not understand how a lot of things worked, I took a lot at face value. I did not realize that business had a front and a back end, and well it's like that with everything. SOOOO much happens behind the scenes of everything. What I suggest you do with your behind the scenes is create and work. I align this thought process with my early learning to love baseball. My step dad would pick me up from school and for 2-3 hours a day we would spend it on the baseball field. Some days were fun, some days I was killing it. Other days I'd condition the entire time, and I'd be over it. But guess what, regardless I knew I was going to be there every day. IT IS IN THIS MANNER THAT YOU MUST WORK AT YOUR DREAMS. Whether people see you or not you must work. There is something so special about work, it has so much energy, that good things come in a way that is almost so mysterious, because you are living, eating, and breathing that dream. It's magnetic if you will!

Why is that you ask? Well I look at it like this. When you create, you are also studying. Non perfect moments naturally makes the human mind ask questions. Do I really love this? Why am I doing this? my favorite is, How do I get better and how do I become the best!? That question will send you down a rabbit hole of studying and creating, and then sharing. and it is there that PREPARATION WILL MEET OPPORTUNITY. Opportunities are endless and all around us, but it only finds people that know that they are there!

In final! To get your year back and to get back to being on top of getting in shape, standing out as that fashion influencer, getting the job, and the girl. Get in the game, but also get on the practice field. Work everyday and every night, whether people are watching or not. When you are the best you will be undeniable! But you can't only be the best, you must also be extremely consistent, share your journey and inspire others!

I love you all and remember to always "Distinguish yourself from the rest," this is a good way to start!

- Jason

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