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The Bay's youth culture is winning... here's why

Last night, I headed out to The 19 year old Photographer Hot Nick's block party called the Hot spot, at Prime Development, and the sense of unity at the event was second to none. The new youth of the bay is so well tied together as friends and artists, it's almost unbeatable. They have strong ties to each other, and huge decendents of keeping hyphy alive, but in a refined way, there were no fights and drama in the middle of Oakland. What a great night and shoutouts to Hot Nick, Prime Development, Blessly, and the rest of the group putting the pieces together. Look forward to seeing you guys keep curating culture and growing the movement. For anyone who missed out last night, here are some photos below to tell the story, there are a lot with your favorite bay area personalities from Distingush'd Jason, Gmaly, T. Carrier, Oopz, Beejus, Blessly, Hotnick, Shmoplife and more... find Jason here instagram: @asvpyeezus / @distinguishd_jason Clothing instagram: @distinguishd_minds twitter: @distinguishd_md / @same_ol_jason Snapchat: sameoljason facebook: periscope: distinguishd_minds

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