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Talent in a noisey world

Welcome to the world of noise where your talent means nothing any longer, unless it sales headlines for blogs. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you know you have an amazing skill set, and you’re trying to figure out here to be heard. here are few tips and tricks to get you started in rising above a noisey world.

It is very clear that the online social media, and other key online elements have taken the world by storm over the last 10 years. Competition levels are at an all time high. Today 35 year olds are competing with budding 19 year olds at just about every thing! This can be scary if you don’t learn to navigate and rise to the top in a noisey world.

Step 1. Originality. This alone can put you in your own lane, and away from a lot of competition. By simply being you unique, and the only source of what you have will allow you to literally compete with no one. This can also be known as authenticity, aka being true what/who you or your product really is/are.

step 2. the circus. I call step to the circus because its short for the media circus. I skipped several steps on how to operate social media online because there are several articles all over the net that give the basics. But most of them leave out the circus.

Media online is strongly controlled by the headline, and because this is true, many do just about any and everything to get noticed. This is why i call it the circus. Now this may upset you, or confuse you, and you may say i never will. But to be honest, you might want to get with the program. Unfortunately publicity now days comes at a small price drama, or a unique title.

with that said, when trying to get noticed you must always find a way to stand out, it must sound juicy, like youre giving the scoop on budding news, people have to want to know. example. If you have a new shirt coming out. instead of saying, “ hey guys, i have a new shirt coming out, please check out *insert link*.” Say something that is more click worthy, and remember the old quote will stand true forever; “ you only get one shot to make a first impression.” The key is to impress. Share you best photo’s only and hit the world with some amazing title, if you do well enough, you won’t even have to insert your link, they will ask you about the link (insert it anyways if this is all new to you). Say this instead. “The tee shirt that your friends will envy you for getting because they couldn't **insert link.* i dont know about you, but that difference in the words make me feel more curious naturally. It’s all science.

okay no more secrets. For info follow me or dm me, and we can chat. For more info on our fashion brand, logon to

ps… i know i didn’t deliver the punch at the end like i just taught you, just wanted to see who would notice. =) chao, and “remember to Distinguish yourself from the rest.™”

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