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5 Places Frank Ocean Could Currently be Hiding

Today we Play where's franko (waldo duh), ready.....? If you're not, you better get ready!! if you spot Frank, send us photos or tag them in the comment section.

1.) it is believed thank Frank could doing old school things, and simply hanging out on fairfax, kicking it with the skater kids, or smoking a fattie with with the rest of the Odd Future group, someone go grab this guy and push him into the studio.

2.) It is rumored that frank was spotted in Cuba with Tupac. Don't believe me, see for yourself..

3.) Frank could easily be hiding in Kanye West's studio, maybe he's going to model now instead for Yeezy season 3. Frank does have a strong jawline, and photogenic face, or maybe he's just swimming, swimming good, swimming good.

4.) Frank Ocean could be hiding somewhere in a garden, where hes been meaning to f**k and searching for oxygen... I mean he did say it in his Classic song "Natural Feels."

5.) Maybe, just maybe, Frank is hiding out in Coachella where he hit the bong for the first time with cocaine in it.. remember Novacane? where he told us about the beautiful girl who took his heart and got him high off of life, love, and various drugs?

Either way it goes, i think we all need a frank ocean album, immediately, so we gotta find this guy, show him this article, and bring him from out of Osama bin Laden's cave asap..

until then go shop all of the new products in our store....

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