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Take the scenic route through the bay area with FNFtwins

What's cooler than two Filipino twin brothers ( Shasta and Macmillion), from the bay, with finesse, style, and can rap? Nothing, and that is proved by the twin brother from FNF. It's 2016, and it looks like the bay is pumping out a lot of new fire music on the underground circut, and it looks like it is going to be another big year for the bay. This song has a smooth finesse about it, that you can definitely ride to, keep it coming twins. keep a look out for their new mixtape entitled TWINTAPE 2.

Prod By Ric X Thaddeus Film X Directed by Jsutherland films TWINTAPE 2

Promotional use only Instagram: @fnfshasta @macmillionfnf Soundcloud: http//

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