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The song that Drake wishes someone wrote for him!

This track is so fire, giving a very refreshing sound to Hip Hop and R&B, from Bay Area Artists T. Carrier and Khyenci Tienne. Since changing his name from Smooviebaby, T. Carrier has been making nothing but deeply routed hits back to back. Odds are you have been missing out, looking for the old twitter handles, and music under the previous alius, now you guys can finally get caught up.

Khyenci, however is bringing a very new and refreshing sound to the bay area, with strong harmonies and very strong, and developed vocals, not to be slept on, clearly!!

There's nothing cooler than watching artists go through growth, and developement, and come out with hoooooot music!! keep up, and follow both artists on twitter, and prepare for a new music tape to be titled 'Gumbo 'n' Prerolls.'

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