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Why these donuts are getting more likes than you on Instagram

Today, donuts have taken on a new shape from the original, old- fashioned donut! Ya see what i did there, old fashioned donut?

Anyways, companies like Voodoo Doughnuts (Oregon), California Donuts (Los Angeles), and DK Donuts (Santa Monica) Have all put a twist on a traditional treat, adding the likes of cereal, candy, gourmet ingredients, and most importanly Bacon!!!!

As of late, many people have taken to instagram to express their love for the craze that is specialty donuts. The most popularized that has been going viral are Ube (purple yam) donuts, maple and bacon donuts, and fruity pebbles covered donuts. Amazing to think, even donuts are art these days!

So if you are ever in Oregon, Los Angeles, or Santa Monica stop at one of the locations attached below.

If you've been, comment below your favorite donut and where you got it, if not..womp womp womp... well you're missing out and just comment the best donut you've had so far...

"Distinguish yourself from the rest."©

California Donuts

3540 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, 90020 (213) 385-3318

Voodoo Doughnut ONE (original location)

@VoodooDoughnut 22 SW 3rd Avenue

Portland, Oregon


Dk's donuts and bakery

1614 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, California 90404

(310) 829-2512

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