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Why Black Lives Don't Matter

Because they are thugs, and they kill themselves, and now they are mad because police are killing them, right? And now they want Oscars, right? Wrong, actually the entire header is wrong. All lives matter, but black lives, well at the moment they matter in a way that maybe they have never mattered before. Here's why!

Culture is why! Since the birth of hip hop years ago, a culture that came from nothing and is now a multi billion dollar industry, culture is the reason why black lives matter. Name one person, famous or not, that does not have African American influence in their daily lives. "Black Lives" created music and drum sounds dating back to African heritage (long before settlers captured lands and Africans), and then moving through sounds like rock, blues, gospel, hip hop, and then some.

It is no secret that everyone wants a part in the hip hop culture and everyone has a part in it. The most stylish look in late 2015 early 2016 for women, was faux Dread locks. The reason why they are Faux is because other than African American thick hair, most womens' hair does not dread. Or how about lets look at fashion and how streetstyle is very much the origin of African American heritage, but is now slowly being dominated by many races (which is great), as well as corporate structure.

In every inch of culture when it is overthrown by settlers (or corporate structure) that is when it is watered down and becomes sytematic. This is why many feel today that hip hop and streetwear are dying. hmmmm.... interesting thought.

Anyhow, before we get to deep, let's just remember that if you kill off all black lives, the race of people that always learned to create and make something from nothing ( lightbulbs, heart pacemaker, the very first video game console, not to mention fried chicken, and etc.) what would the world be today, bland and boring, and systematic.....

Good luck with that, Black Lives Definitely matter beyond all of the faults, but you can take this as another black history month post or actually consume the information. As for those black lives, just remember, "they can't hold us down forever," so keep striving and succeeding while creating something out of nothing, as you always have, clearly it doesn't go unnoticed!

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