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10 tips to improve your style this summer and get girls' attention.

If you clicked this, It's because you more than likely are so tired of being ignored by the ladies, and want to boost your fashion style and confidence to start gaining that attention you've been longing from. Well you came to the right place, I'm going to help you out and get you on the right track to start getting those summer night movie dates!

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Now ultimately, it's important to note that style alone isn't going to get you a date, but just like with a brand new shiny Mercedes benz, or those beautiful Travis Scott's we all wanted (and that I got), it can definitely draw in the attention needed for women to see how amazing your personality is, and then you can work your magic from there!

Step 1) Women care about shoes, a looooot! When I was growing up, my mom used to tell me that a man treats his car how he treats his women and his shoes are a reflection of the man himself. Dirty shoes, dirty man. Old shoes, out of date man, you get where I'm going with this. Now does this mean you have to be able to afford $1000 shoes, like the Travis Scott Jordan 1's (which I have lol), well no not at all. Shoes are all about aesthetic. There are affordable options to every popular shoe out there. Now, if you have the money, get yourself a pair of Yeezys, but not one's you se everyone wearing, you're going to need something eye catching try a pair of 500's, 700's 750s, leave the 350s to those who want to be single! Jordan 1s are always an amazing option, try for good releases on the Nike snkrs app. an important note is that, if the shoe is too dramatic, and colorful, you're going to look like a clown, make sure the shoe is laced well and styled to go with your outfit. if you are bad at styling stick to neutral colors like all white and all black, you'll have to do less work. a list of shoes that are affordable that you need in your closet. ( Yeezys, Jordans (1, 3, 11s are best), air force ones (never get all black), bapes, vapormaxes (slowly dying out) airmax (97s, 95s, 98s, 1s, 2s), Adidas boost, night joggers, yung 1s. Vans (lows, slip ons, skate highs). these are amazing options, but of course you're going to need to style them with something amazing.

step 2) Pants matter more than you ever realized. If you've been wearing joggers from 2015, well it's time to update. it's 2019, and you need a nice tapered denim, lose the biker style jeans and get a nice clean wash. ASOS is a great place to start, if you need affordable options. Ksubi denim are a denim you can never go wrong with as well as good ole classic Levis. to expand your options look at a nice dress style pant cut to your ankle, and then pair them with a nice sock... I prefer all white. Cargo pants and camo pants also pair well with all styles of shoes, high tops and low tops.

It is however summer so shorts matter as well. Fellas it is officially okay to wear your shorts above your knees, better yet it is actually more desirable. Those long shorts are now a thing of the past. The most important note is get up to date. Find an influencer on instagram or twitter that has your body type and begin learning what looks good on you!

Step 3) shirts!!!!! Okay guys. I cant stress this enough. Shirts in the summer are more about comfort than style. The last thing a woman wants is some sweaty man walking up to her at the day party smelling like In N Out, trying to show off a supreme hoody or tee. It's been a scorcher thus far in 2019 ( in the Bay Area at least), and this tells us its okay to wear other materials other than just cotton tees, even for big fellas. Silk button ups are where it's at, it pairs well open, closed, with jewelry, without, and many others looks. get after it.

Secondly, tees are 100% okay. A nice vintage classic shirt, or a brand new tee from our up coming collection which Just droped ;) , whatever works for you, just make sure you are using colors that help to amplify your outfit. Theorize your colors around a theme, that can be a shoe colorway, a nature colorway, or anything that inspires you. You can do a color pop, or color blocking, patterns or whatever, but make sure it looks good on your skin tone. Don't worry I'll attach some examples!

Step 4) One of the biggest keys to style and getting the girl is, well CONFIDENCE! If you are not confident in what you are putting on, definitely don't put it on. Same with your approach to a woman. Confidence is simply knowing you look your best, and that you have amazing things to offer. If a woman doesn't appreciate you for these values, she's not the one, keep looking. Just remember, you miss 100% of the shots you do not take!

step 5) Cologne! Smelling nice is almost equal to looking good, or maybe better. YSL, DOLCE & GABANA, ESCADA, and even, CURVE have been some of my key scents over the past few years, and I am a creature of habit, so I suggest you find out what works for you. Cologne works to your favor especially if you hug women like drake does. If you smell nice, she'll never forget your scent, be it good or bad, and if good, you win!

step 6) Last thing you ever want to do is look amazing, and then be cheap! Buy the woman a drink (21 and over, please drink responsibly) while having the conversation! I can't stress enough how many fellas I see well on their way, and then boom, cheap! If you do not have the money, be creative, but if you are going out, have some extra money to buy a drink or two for someone other than yourself, it's nearly essential. In this process, share a good conversation. For the nervous fellas:

what's your name

where are you from

what do you do for work

what do you like to drink

what brings you here


goes a long way!!!! Game went out in the 90's, so actually take the time to learn about the woman!

step 7) Going back to style, Ludacris said it best, you gotta Cooordinateeee! Sooooo, accessorize man. Get a nice belt, chain, watch, and/or sunglasses. Now mind you, I said nice, not fake. It's better to have a nice Michael Kors belt rather than a Noticeably fake Gucci belt. It doesn't have to be expensive, just needs to work well with your outfit, however these are good items to get expensive brands for cheap and add a little flex to your style.

step 8) Look good but stay humble. No one likes a fuckboy, and you can be the flyest person in the room, but also be the biggest loser. the clothes don't make the man, the man makes the clothes. The clothes should be an expansion of your personality, not a mask to hide a dick head. Confidence and humility can coexist.

step 9) Drink Water! This may sound random, but it's not! It's important. It keeps your skin clear, it's aesthetically pleasing to women's eye. A healthy man is a man that's appreciated. Also, inspire women to be healthy alongside you. Water is going to also keep your mind right, and you'll have more energy as well, where sugary drinks will slow you down and lower your energies. Water also will sober you up, and keep you from being the drunk creep at parties!

Step 10) Respect women! Why have super powers if you aren't going to use them for good! I said it in the beginning, but it is more than just style that gets you a date, you have to respect women! Leave you pervert tendencies at home, and get to know a woman as a human, learn about what inspires her, and her interest. Do not be corny, be different (Distinguish yourself from the rest) and approach her with the real. But also take your no's like a man. Try exiting with a compliment instead of an insult, its a great practice!

All in all, these are a just a few things that can this summer, to recap:

Nice clean shoes!

update the pants and shorts in your closet, short shorts are okay!

smell nice, get a shirt that doesn't make you sweat!

be confident!

add accessories and cooooordinate!

be humble and respect women!

drink water!

but ultimately, do what works for you and have fun and stay safe!

If this was helpful you, hit the like button drop a comment and subscribe! share your tips and tricks in the comment section! and remember to always "Distinguish yourself from the rest!"

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