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Jan 15th - Venue oakland

420 14th street, oakland, ca

10kFEST is the Bay Area's biggest social media experiment to date. Distinguish'd Minds brand is bringing to you 10kFEST, an event and pop up shop based on the following of Distinguish'd minds on instagram.


Here's how it works:


(read below or watch the video below)


10kFEST is an ode to Distinguish'd Minds brand hitting 10,000 followers. The event will be a pop up shop, art, show, and all around party atmosphere evening celebrating love and internet frienship. 


Want to go??

 $20 entry fee - but wait...


if you follow @distinguishd_minds and @distinguishd_jason

it is only $5 to get in.



- Anyone with 10k followers or more

- If you buy a Distinguish'd product within the week of the event 

- Store Owners + management


You guys are all in for free!!!!


email, text or ask on our social media for any further info and/ or to get code for $5 entry.






tickets available below!!

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